Testimonial from Elaine

“My son is Joe. He lives at home and is a wonderful son. He is now 31 years old and very sociable. He is the light of our lives and absolutely lives for his weeks at Camp Courageous. He will turn down outings so that he can “save money for camp”. He has pictures all over his room of all the camp counselors and of the camp itself, including a scrapbook I made for him. He plans his outings from June 1 throughout the summer to accommodate camp dates. When I go to his room to help him pack for camp, lo and behold he is already packed. He loves the people chosen to be camp counselors, loves Chef Ron, the talent show, the art projects and the camp fires and s’mores. He even loves the active activities (like hiking) when it is hard to get him to hike when at home. On the way home from camp he relates every activity, and suddenly there is silence; we look in the back seat and he is asleep. As a parent, the things I love about camp are many. The safe and fun environment, the way the camp tailors activities to Joe’s interests (Disney Week), and the way the staff know Joe’s information in and out. Thank you for providing such a well-rounded and fun camp for our son.”

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